Watercolor Journeys Travel Tips

Watercolor Journeys Travel Tips

Once in a while, I like to share travel tips for the traveling artist. I call these Watercolor Journey Travel Tips. I always take a watercolor journal with me when I travel and I am always looking for some smart, fun travel ideas for my supplies.

Here is a great zippered bag to hold a lot of art supplies such as pens, pencils, tubes of paint, erasers, small ruler or small scissors.  You can get them at one of my favorite online stores, JetPens for pens and such.  It is a Nomad Box Pen Case.

This stylish, large-capacity pen case opens wide and stays open so that you can easily pick out the pens you need.


  • Wide-opening main compartment that stays open on its own and holds approximately 30 pens.
  • Three pockets inside the main compartment for organizing small items like erasers, lead, and sticky notes: one large mesh pocket and two small fabric pockets.
  • One large outside pocket for frequently-accessed items.
  • A loop on one end for fastening the case to a clip, hanging it from a hook, or for using as a handle.

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  1. For the absolute beginner, just getting started with watercolor, I would recommend my Watercolor Toolbox DVD. I explain which supplies you need to get started, how to set up a watercolor palette. And much more!

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