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Jacqueline Newbold's original Watercolor paintings and Pastel paintings are filled with an expressive palette of light and texture.  She shares her fascination with luminescence and reflections of light in both her award-winning art and her popular jewelry designs.  Jacqueline enjoys painting French and Italian village scenes, reflective landscapes, colorful flowers as well as teaching watercolor basics and her Watercolor Journeys, Inspirations from Travel Class.

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Growing up with an Air Force family, traveling has been part of my life since I was born in Tokyo, Japan.  My mother was born in Paris, France and married my dad, an American G. I. from Iowa.  Our young family of four traveled the world and lived in foreign countries giving me an international upbringing and a love for travel.   For awhile we settled in Montgomery, Alabama during the tumultuous years of racial unrest of the 1960’s.  When I graduated from the University of Alabama and realizing that though I had traveled many parts of the world, I had never been to the western states of America.  After spending time in Washington, California, and Oregon my gypsy life was left behind when I took up residence in Bend, Oregon and it was here that I took my first watercolor class.  At this moment I fell crazy in love with color and I now consider myself to be a painter of color. 

My wanderlust spirit calls me still, and my journeys give me a never-ending source of inspiration to represent little gems of the world in my color filled paintings.  Now when I travel I am equipped with my watercolor journal under my arm and wherever I go I spend time painting and creating a personal work of art more memorable than any photo album.  My journals are filled with watercolor paintings that capture memories of my travel experiences and record my voyage in a creative and unique way. Exploring my French heritage and fascinated by all things French come from my charming  mother.  When at home in my studio, these small paintings and sketches are often the seedling for my larger creations. 

I use a technique called glazing, meaning “glass-like,” I layers thin coats of pigment to create glowing new colors. This painting process creates transparent layers that allow underneath colors to shine through.  My goal is to share the feeling of these beautiful places: fields of lavender, warm sun-soaked beaches, and tranquil old-world villages nestled among the surrounding cliffs.  I want the viewer to feel like they are there, right there sitting in that French café enjoying their latte or lounging on that bright sandy beach. 

I teach at my Art in my Heart Studio, Central Oregon Art’s Central as well as at the Art & Soul Retreats

My art is available online and at these Galleries:

DonTerra Artworks, Sisters, Oregon

Red Chair Gallery, Bend, Oregon

Clearwater Gallery, Sisters, Oregon

Painting on location in Provence, France

Jacqueline Newbold

Website:  newboldart.com

email:  jnewbold@newboldart.com

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