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Watercolor journaling demo and workshop at Daniel Smith Fine Art Supplies, Seattle and Bellevue, Washington - Dates and times TBA

 Art Unraveled:           Watercolor Art Journal - Tuesday July 29, 2014

                                    Kaleidoscope Hearts - Wednesday, July 30, 2014

                                    Inky Doodle Watercolors - Thursday July 31, 2014


The Colors of Umbria; Keeping a Watercolor Journal - Orvieto, Italy.  September 7 - 13, 2014


CREATE - Chicago & Seattle - Times and Dated TBA




Check back for more information about these upcoming classes:

***Watercolor Journeys, Inspiration from Travels***

Take a journey with Jacqueline Newbold and her watercolor travel journals.  Jacqueline will teach many of her creative techniques designed to make you fall in love with art journaling while you travel.  Watercolor journaling helps you to slow down to live in the moment, enjoying what you see, and creating lasting memories of your travels.  Whether you are traveling to Europe or to a local café, you will find how fun it is to record your life journey with watercolors.  All levels welcome.


***Exploring the Elements of Design with Watercolor ***

What kind of painter are you?  Are you a value painter or a shape maker?  Do you love putting lines or texture in your paintings?  This class explores the elements of design: value, color, shapes, pattern, texture and shape.  We will paint a series of paintings with each painting focusing on one of these elements.   All levels welcome.


***Create a Watercolor Toolbox of Ideas and Skills***

     Have you ever wanted to try watercolor painting but did not know how to start?  In this fun class you will discover what makes watercolor painting exciting and beautiful and explore lots of techniques to get you started on your artistic journey.  We will create a variety of small samples that can be put into a file or journal creating a toolbox of ideas for future reference.  Various watercolor washes, texture, brush techniques are just a few of the skills that we will explore.  If you do not have the supplies, email me and I will bring a beginners kit for you.  This class is for beginners only.


***A Slice of Life, Painting Outside the Lines***

      Using watercolor and a section of your favorite photograph, we will paint portraits, animals or landscape miniatures based on what is contained in the photograph. Learn how to capture your “slices of life” by embellishing them with watercolor as they become incorporated into your paintings.  This fun technique helps you to develop your artistic eye with color and value.  Shapes and figures can be exaggerated to make whimsical and delightful paintings.  Are you intimidated by drawing people?  Don’t worry - the photo does the hard part for you!  All levels welcome.


***Rainbow Studies***
Unlock the secrets to creating vibrant and harmonious paintings. 
Learn about color theory, successful color mixing, how not to make muddy paintings and how to understand the characteristics of pigments. You will make your own spiral bound color journal full of all your color studies that will become a valuable reference.   Watercolor paper and book making supplies included but bring your own painting supplies and learn about the colors on your palette.  All levels welcome.


The Good, the Bad and the Beauty of Color 

Revitalize your watercolor paintings!  Wash that gray right out of your art! Using watercolor as the medium, you will learn the secrets of mixing colors to create vibrant watercolors and control those dull lifeless areas in your work.  In this class we will explore how to make bright colors glow by neutralizing their surroundings and create vivid lustrous whites by using complementary colors.  You will use the temperature of color to put together dramatic and lively mixes. Learn the characteristics of the paints on your palette and how they interact.  All of your colorful studies will be done on Arches 140 lb. paper and then bound into your very own 4” x 6” spiral wire book.  Fitting easily into your supply bag, it will become an important color reference in your artistic journeys.  Everyone knows how to make a color wheel but do you know how to use it?  With a deeper understanding of the relationships between colors you will be painting with confidence.  All levels welcome.

Watercolor & Mixed Media for the Traveling Artist 

With your journal under your arm and a few painting supplies, you will be ready to capture memories of your travel experiences.  This dynamic class will motivate artists of all skill levels to record their journeys in a creative and unique way using watercolor and mixed media.  It is easy to travel light with your journal and paints, and fun to create a personal work of art more special than any photo album. Students will explore ways to make their watercolor travel journal interesting and reflective of their experiences through painting landscapes, vignettes and memoirs, and by using treasured items they collect during their trips. Techniques to be covered include easy watercolor painting, drawing, color theory, and mixed media.   I will demonstrate my own unique image manipulation and transfer process that can be used as a cover for the journals.  Students will also experiment with stamping, stenciling, simple watercolor washes, artistic lettering and pen and ink to enhance their journals in order to build a launching board of creativity for their next journey. All levels welcome.