Here is a Demonstration of how I paint one of  my long landscapes

This is the first wash of this painting. I have left the buildings white and will work on them later. I have started to form the hills in the distance and a very loose interpretation of red poppies or some flowers in the foreground.  This is a fun, spontaneous wash.  I let drips happen, splatter, and paint mixing.  I go back in at different times and add either more water with my brush or a spray bottle or more paint while this wash is drying


Now I am starting to work on the trees in the distance.  I bring the trees up to the buildings to create a cozy atmosphere.  I realize that the group of trees on the left side is the wrong color and the wrong value and will have to be dealt with later.  I have started adding the roofs and little windows.




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This is a close up of the little town in the distance.