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The Colors of Umbria:

Keeping a Watercolor Journal

Dates: September 7 - 13, 2014
Jacqueline Newbold
Cost - $2995

Trip Description
Create a visual diary of watercolor painting, journaling, and mixed media as you slow down, observe, and savor your time in Italy.   Learn how to make on-the-go paintings with watercolor washes, water-soluble pens and pen-and-ink. Enhance your journaling style with maps, Italian book pages, pockets, tags, and more. You will discover how much fun it is to record your life journeys with watercolors.

Umbria is rich with sights, sounds, and colors--all wonderful inspiration for developing your artistic eye. Exploring the streets of this historic hilltop village, we will discover stone archways,  alleyways and Italian piazzas, the Duomo of Orvieto, Gothic and medieval designs, and colorful flowers cascading from windows -- every corner a possible painting. As we paint plein air, Jacqueline   will help you simplify the scene before you so that you will be able    to transform the colors and shapes into sketches and paintings in your watercolor journal.  The Etruscan palette will inspire us as we experiment with luscious ochres and rich gem-tone colors from the past. We will not just be observing and painting our week in Orvieto, but we will be experiencing it in a new, invigorating, lasting way. When you return home, you will have your watercolor journal as a lasting keepsake more unique than any photo album, and new skills to continue watercolor journaling on your next adventure!  

This workshop is for all levels - beginners welcome!
    Create a watercolor art journal about your stay in Orvieto, Italy
    Take drawing and watercolor painting lessons
    Learn how to keep your colors fresh and lively
    In studio and en plein air painting 
    Add interest to your journals by incorporating mixed media

Cost - $2995. Fee includes six nights double occupancy lodging, six breakfasts, two dinners, three lunches, all cultural events, course kit and instruction. Single occupancy available for an additional cost. Because Italian cuisine is such fun, most meals are not prearranged allowing you the freedom to choose where and what to eat. We do give lots of advice and no one eats alone! Travel costs are not included.

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