Watercolor Journeys, Inspirations from Travel 

With your journal under your arm and a few painting supplies, you will be ready to capture memories of your travel experiences.  This dynamic class will motivate artists of all skill levels to record their journeys in a creative and unique way using watercolor and mixed media.  It is easy to travel light with your journal and paints and fun to create a personal work of art more special than any photo album. Students will explore ways to make their watercolor travel journal interesting and reflective of their experiences through painting landscapes, vignettes and memoirs, and by using treasured items they collect during their trips. Techniques to be covered include easy watercolor painting, drawing, color theory, and mixed media.   I will demonstrate my own unique image manipulation and transfer process that can be used as a cover for the journals.  Students will also experiment with stamping, stenciling, simple watercolor washes, artistic lettering and pen and ink to enhance their journals in order to build a launching board of creativity for their next journey. All levels welcome.

Upcoming Classes:

Art in my Heart Studio These are beginner to intermediate watercolor classes at my studio in Bend, Oregon

 Art Station in Bend, Watercolor Journeys, Inspirations from Travel: Oregon;  Fall of  2008, 9:00 - noon TBA

Art & Soul Retreat  The Good, the Bad and the Beauty of Color & Watercolor Journeys, Inspirations from Travel: Portland, Oregon  October 2 & 5, 2009

Note:  If you are not sure which supplies to buy, you may be interested in pre-ordering my Traveling Light Watercolor Kit.  Please email me in advance if you would like to purchase one for the class: