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Painting in our Watercolor Art Journals

Painting in our Watercolor Art Journals

We had a lot of fun spending time painting in our watercolor art journals while in Orvieto, Italy.  We painted scenes from the beautiful convent gardens and palace where we stayed, as well as the nooks and quaint corners of the town itself.  One day we went wine tasting at a vineyard that had a gorgeous view of Orvieto.  There were white roses blooming everywhere!  This was a beautiful, relaxing day of painting as well!






Painting in Provence, France, May 2019

Painting in Provence, France, May 2019

Painting in Provence, France can become your next creative dream come true!  Come paint with me in Provence, France May 10-17, 2019, with French Escape!

Do you ever dream of going on a watercolor painting vacation in Provence, France? Well here is the perfect opportunity to paint and explore the charming villages of sunny Provence! I have just returned from teaching a watercolor workshop in Orvieto, Italy and I want to share with you why I love it so much!

Watercolor Artists in Orvieto, Italy

It is so lovely to be with a group of like minded artists who love to explore their creative side. It is relaxing and fun to paint what you see, describe what you taste, smell and savor. Provence is a culinary, artist’s delight! When you go on a painting vacation, you have time to create a watercolor journal filled with memories.

Painting in Europe

You will grow, evolve and blossom as an artist. Even if you are a beginner, you will start to see things differently and the beauty of it all will make a peaceful, colorful impression on your heart and soul.


What a gift it is to bond and share with friends and loved ones.  It also a wonderful way to make new friends!

And then there is the wonderful art that you create:

Consider joining me on this fun, relaxing, joyous adventure!

Painting in Italy

Painting in Italy

It’s been a lovely time painting and relaxing in Umbria and Tuscany Italy.  I brought my watercolor journal and a few painting supplies. Relaxing with a glass of wine on a sunny, warm Terrace, I was able to paint this beautiful scene at our little villa just outside the walled city of cortona, Italy.  

Painting in Italy

Painting in Italy

Painting in Itay

I am with a very enthusiastic and fun group of artistic ladies: painting, wine tasting, exploring, laughing, and learning about the rich history of Orvieto, Italy. Yesterday we had a fantastic tour of the very impressive Duomo. The labyrinth of caves underneath protects it from earthquakes and provided  shelter during war times.
Paint the Colorful World of Flora and Fauna.

Paint the Colorful World of Flora and Fauna.

Check out the latest Cloth Paper Scissors latest blog post about an article I wrote for them.  Paint the Colorful World of Flora and Fauna.

Have you taken your art outdoors lately? Whether in a man-made or natural setting, halfway around the globe or in your own backyard, creating en plein air can result in wonderful artwork inspired by the world around you. Artist Jacqueline Newbold is often inspired by nature for her mixed-media watercolor creations. In this article from our July/August 2014 issue of Cloth Paper Scissors magazine, Jacqueline shares her easy, stress-free technique for drawing and painting colorful flora and fauna.



Summer sunshine and blue skies bring out tiny creatures—ladybugs, dragonflies, frogs, and more. Flowers, birds, and animals are out in full force, too. Take a closer look at the wonderful world of flora and fauna surrounding you, and you may be surprised at their color-filled lives.

My interest in flora and fauna started in college when I was majoring in botany. Along with my plant studies, I took an entomology course (the study of insects) to help me get over my fear of little creepy, crawling bugs. What I discovered, with the help of a magnifying glass, was a fascinating world of insects cloaked in the most amazing array of colorful combinations. Bold stripes of black and gold, coats of gorgeous metallic turquoise and copper, delightful polka dots, and shimmering translucent fairy-like wings were just a few of the wonderful hues and patterns I found. Discovering this amazing tiny world of color did get me over my fear of insects, and it continues to give me inspiration and great subject matter for my watercolor journals.

When I first began adding flora and fauna to my journals, I was intimidated by the drawing process and trying to accurately depict these things. Over time I came up with an easy, stress-free technique. I convert flora and fauna into a series of connected ovals, circles, ellipses, and rectangular shapes, and then fine-tune the shapes as needed. It is much more manageable to think of them in this way. Now I enjoy drawing, painting, and adding my field observations of these delightful creatures to my journals.

For more see the whole article and step out paintings at the Cloth Paper Scissors Blog.

Paint the Colorful World of Flora and Fauna

Art Journaling Magazine!

Art Journaling Magazine!

Art Journaling Summer 2018 Magazine Available July 1st!

Just out is the new ART JOURNALING MAGAZINE.  The new Stampington Magazine is available for purchase.  My article, Baja Journey Journal, is about including flora and fauna in my watercolor art journals.  I show how I use field notes to collect information about the birds and animals that I observe.  The field notes are helpful to my paintings and drawings.



A Jacqueline Newbold DVD Watercolor Fun

Take your watercolor painting skills to the next level. You will paint along with Jacqueline as she shows how she paints several paintings from start to finish.

Composition, glazing, edge control, layering, adding darks, and self-critique is some of the watercolor techniques she will cover in this step-by-step painting workshop.

Jacqueline shows step-by-step how to paint with waterolor
Join Jacqueline Newbold in some watercolor fun!

Included will be how to paint loose and how to fix problem areas. Each painting will start with a short “warm-up” exercise. This is a great workshop for beginner and advanced painters that want to improve their watercolor painting skills.

This DVD is a great gift for your watercolor artist!

DVD for the Beginner Watercolor Artist

DVD for the Beginner Watercolor Artist

WATERCOLOR TOOLBOX is the perfect DVD for the absolute watercolor beginner:  how to set up your palette, all about brushes, paper, paints, and more!

Watercolor Toolbox for Beginners
Watercolor Toolbox for Beginners

DVD Beginner Watercolor Artist by Jacqueline Newbold.  Explore techniques to get you started on your artistic journey, you will learn the correct way to set up a palette and care for your watercolor art supplies as well as a variety of basic watercolor techniques.

All your examples can be put into a file or journal creating a toolbox for future reference. This workshop is the perfect introduction to watercolor painting!

How to Paint a Palm Tree with Watercolors

How to Paint a Palm Tree with Watercolors

How to paint a palm tree with watercolors

Anyone heading to a tropical paradise this summer?  Are you taking your paints and watercolor palette?  Chances are you may want to paint a palm tree.  I made this video about how to paint a palm tree with watercolors.  I use my watercolor paints and a sea sponge.  Even if you are not traveling to a tropical island, this is a fun exercise for a summer day!

Inspiration from Nature

Inspiration from Nature

Where to Find Inspiration for Painting

An inspiration for painting can come at any moment.  I always take my camera with me.  I never know what beauty will show up and inspire me to get my watercolor supplies out and paint. Lately, I have been having fun painting nature:  birds, feathers, foxes, bunnies… on a recent hike and morel hunting mission, I am inspired to paint mushrooms!  Today!

Where do you find inspiration for painting?

“Nature” is what we see—
The Hill—the Afternoon—
Squirrel—Eclipse— the Bumble bee—
Nay—Nature is Heaven—
Nature is what we hear—
The Bobolink—the Sea—
Thunder—the Cricket—
Nay—Nature is Harmony—
Nature is what we know—
Yet have no art to say—
So impotent Our Wisdom is
To her Simplicity.

Emily Dickinson

Inspirations for Painting Watercolor