Jacqueline Newbold, Watercolor Artist

Jacqueline Newbold, Watercolor Artist

Painting in Italy – Next workshop is May 18-27, 2024

Jacqueline Newbold’s Colorful Watercolor Paintings Capture Gorgeous Landscapes, Cityscapes, and Flowers 

Portland Art and Soul Retreat

The Portland Art and Soul Retreat workshops are coming right up! This year I thought it would be fun to offer two classes that are longer and more in-depth.  We will dive in and learn more techniques and have more time to paint together! Check out all my workshops below…


ART AND SOUL Portland, Oregon

Watercolor Nature Journal

Tuesday, April 11, 2023:  I really enjoy keeping a nature journal.  It is a place to record my notes about the wildlife I encounter.  It is a great place to experiment with new papers, paints, and mixed-media. 


Watercolor Village Escapades

Wednesday, April 12, 2023:  Learn how to transform your own travel experiences into paintings. Finding inspiration from urban sketching and using our colorful watercolors, we will paint scenes in and around quaint Italian and French villages.

Past Workshops and Classes

PLAYING WITH COLOR, Wednesday, March 16, 2022
In this workshop, we will be experimenting with watercolor paints to learn how to successfully mix colors. Color theory and our color wheels will be our guide to choosing which colors to combine to create vibrant mixes for our small colorful watercolor studies.

THE PAINTED GARDEN, Thursday, March 17, 2022
We will paint lively and colorful garden flowers using watercolors. These will be impressionistic flower paintings with an emphasis on loose and flowing painting techniques.


Painting in Orvieto, Italy May 22-28, 2022

Having Fun Painting in

I am very excited to tell you that registration is now open for my Italian Watercolor Workshop!  Would you like to join me on this fantastic painting experience in Italy?  Imagine how lovely it will be to spend a week surrounded by the rich sights, sounds, tastes, and colors that Umbria has to offer.
We will explore the streets of the historic hilltop village of Orvieto, known for its stone archways, Italian piazzas, espressos and gelatos, Italian wine, and delicious foods, and the Duomo di Orvieto widely considered the most glorious example of Italian gothic design.  Every corner, every door, every window embellished with spring flowers can easily become a fun painting!  Our studio time will be like a beautiful tango, learning how to create rich glowing color combinations, recreating bright sunshine and colorful shadows on paper, preparing our journal pages for paintings and art.  We will enjoy time learning sketching, watercolor, color mixing, and pen and ink perspective designs that we will put into action when we step out into the beautiful cobblestoned streets of Orvieto, capturing our Italian moments together.  Paradiso!

For more information:  Adventure in Italy
Sign up here:  Adventures in Italy
Would you like more information?  Feel free to email me!

Watercolor art painting workshops

Artist Jacqueline Newbold enjoys painting life in color!

  Her color-filled watercolor paintings capture a moment in time – sunlight on red poppies, the glow of a Tuscan village perched on a mountaintop, or the brilliance of a dramatic Oregon Cascade Mountain sunset.  Jacqueline loves to share her passion for watercolor painting and mixed-media art journaling by teaching in her Art in My Heart private studio, the Art Unraveled Art Retreats in Phoenix, the Art & Soul Retreats in Portland, Oregon, France, and Italy.  She teaches private watercolor lessons, classes, and workshops in her private art studio in Bend, Oregon.

Sunflowers, France, Italy, small house
Sunflower Fields

“My life’s journey gives me a never-ending source of inspiration to represent little gems of the world in my color-filled paintings.”

Artist Jacqueline Newbold Paintings

Artist Jacqueline Newbold Art Journals and Sketches

Much of Newbold’s inspiration comes from her travels. She brings her efficiently organized backpack of painting supplies.  It is filled with her art journal.  She experiments with various imaginative ways to combine watercolor with mixed-media.  Spending time creating in her art journal is her favorite artistic outlet.

“Art journaling to me is not so much about making art but recording my life in a colorful way.  My journals are a place where I can experiment with different art mediums, and sort things out.  I write about my life, my sorrows, my adventures, and travels.  Playing with color, sketching, and doodling, is fun and relaxing.  The process is fun!  I love when the result surprises me.”

Jacqueline is a Watercolor Teacher

“I enjoy teaching watercolor to beginning students!  It is fun to see their joy of learning how to control the color and the paint.  I also enjoy teaching watercolor to intermediate and advanced painters.”

Jacqueline has an Interweave Workshop DVD:  Art Journals On-The-Go: How to pack, prep, paint, and more

She has a self-published book, Watercolor Journeys, a helpful guide for beginning to advanced watercolor enthusiasts.  Her articles and artwork can be found in magazines such as Somerset Studio’s Art Journaling, Interweave Press’s Cloth Paper Scissors, Studios, and the Cloth, Paper Scissors Book.

Member of the High Desert Art League
Member of the Red Chair Gallery, Bend, Oregon
Member of the Watercolor Society of Oregon 
and Member of Fine Arts America

Artist Jacqueline Newbold Publications

  • Watercolor Journeys Inspirations from Travels, July/August 2009, Cloth Paper Scissors, Issue 25
  • Travel Journals Using Maps as a Starting Point, July/August 2010, Cloth Paper Scissors, Issue 31
  • Travel Journals Using Maps as a Starting Point, Cloth Paper Scissors Book, Techniques and Inspiration for Creating Mixed-Media Art by Barbara Delany, Interweave Press, 2011
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  • Watercolor Journeys, Inspirations from Travels Book, Self-published, 2011, 2013, 2015, 2017


  • Art Journals On-the-Go: How to Pack, Prep, Paint, and More, DVD, Cloth Paper Scissors Workshop, 2011
  • The Good, the Bad, and the Beauty of Color, DVD, A to Zinnia Productions, 2013
  • 1. Watercolor Toolbox, Artful Gathering DVD Series, A to Zinnia Productions, 2014
  • 2. Watercolor Toolbox 2, Artful Gathering DVD Series, A to Zinnia Productions, 2015
  • 3. Watercolor Fun, Artful Gathering DVD Series, A to Zinnia Productions, 2014
  • 4. Watercolor Fun 2, Artful Gathering DVD Series, A to Zinnia Productions, 2016
  • Exploring Watercolor and Mixed-Media, Artful Gathering DVD Series, A to Zinnia Productions, 2016
  • A Naturalist’s Watercolor Journal, DVD, A to Zinnia Productions, 2017


  • Signature Artist, 2009 Deschutes’s Children’s Foundation
  • People’s Choice Award Recipient, 2008 D. A. Davidson’s Artist Art contest
  • Kitchen Kaleidoscope Artist of the Year, 2011 Assistance League of Bend, OR.
  • Instructor at Bend’s Art Station, 2002 – 2011
  • Cover Artist Cascade Arts & Entertainment, May 2009
  • SPLASH 18: Value – Celebrating Light and Dark (The Best of Watercolor) by Rachel Rubin Wolf (Editor), July 21, 2017
  • Member of the High Desert Art League, 2005 – present
    • President of the High Desert Art League, 2011 – 2014
    • President of the High Desert Art League, 2016 – 2018
  • Member of the Oregon Watercolor Society, 1987 – present
  • Member of the Red Chair Gallery, Bend, OR, 2010 – present

Recent Publications:

I was published in Art Journaling July 2018


High Desert Art League, President, 2016 – 2018

Red Chair Gallery Member

Watercolor Society of Oregon Member