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Watercolor Painting Books, DVDs, Magazine Articles

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Here is a wonderful DVD about color!

The Good, the Bad, and the Beauty of Color

Watercolor Painting Books, DVDs, Magazine Articles
DVD by Jacqueline Newbold, Color Theory

Revitalize your watercolor paintings with color!

Using the color wheel as your guide, you will unlock the secrets to creating vibrant and harmonious paintings.

Learn about color theory, successful color mixing, how not to make muddy paintings, and how to understand the characteristics of pigments.

Jacqueline will teach you how to make a personal palette color wheel that you will use to create miniature 4″ x 5 1/2″ watercolor paintings that can be bound into a spiral notebook for future reference.

Everyone knows how to make a color wheel, but do you know how to use it?  With a deeper understanding of the relationships between colors, you will be painting with confidence.

WATERCOLOR TOOLBOX is the perfect DVD for the absolute watercolor beginner:  how to set up your palette, all about brushes, paper, paints, and more!

Watercolor Painting Books, DVDs, Magazine Articles
Watercolor Toolbox for Beginners

Exploring techniques to get you started on your artistic journey, you will learn the correct way to set up a palette and care for your watercolor art supplies as well as a variety of basic watercolor techniques.  This will inspire you to paint!

All your examples can be put into a file or journal creating a toolbox for future reference. This workshop is the perfect introduction to watercolor painting!

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A Jacqueline Newbold DVD Watercolor Fun

Take your watercolor painting skills to the next level. You will paint along with Jacqueline as she shows how she paints several paintings from start to finish.

Composition, glazing, edge control, layering, adding darks, and self-critique is some of the watercolor techniques she will cover in this step-by-step painting workshop.

Watercolor Painting Books, DVDs, Magazine Articles
Watercolor Fun with Jacqueline Newbold
Join Jacqueline Newbold in some watercolor fun!

Included will be how to paint loose and how to fix problem areas. Each painting will start with a short “warm-up” exercise. This is a great workshop for beginner and advanced painters that want to improve their watercolor painting skills.

This DVD is a great gift for your watercolor artist!