Art Journaling Tips

Art Journaling Tips

Art Journaling and Watercolor Tips

“Am I done?”  “How do I know if I am done?”  These are good questions that we all ask ourselves.  The answer is “Are you happy with your painting?”  Take a break, close your journal.  Later, take a fresh look at your painting and journal page.  Does it need a little something else?  Is it lacking a “je ne sais quoi?”  I have put together this page of Art Journaling Watercolor Tips from my past blog posts.  I hope this will help you along on your artistic journey!

Here are some past blog posts with some art journal page ideas

Here are some of my favorite pages from my watercolor art journals. You will notice that I love to use artist tape as a divider to create smaller sections.  This is a technique that I try to include in each one of my travel journals.  It gives me the opportunity to do quick on-the-go sketches and paintings.