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Color Choices, Art Journaling Magazine

Color Choices, Art Journaling Magazine

I am excited to be published in the Summer issue of Art Journaling Magazine. My article, Color Choices, covers how I use color in my watercolor art journals. There are lots of examples of my paintings as well as some color studies.

Art Journaling is for sale now at Barnes and Noble or you can order your copy from their website:


Art Journaling Summer 2020

Celebrate your summer with Art Journaling, and discover a variety of tips and tricks that fit your own personal journaling style! Inside the Summer 2020 Issue: Magazine pages are transformed into intriguing…


Hummingbirds and Color

Hummingbirds and Color

A new color palette: Hummingbirds can see colors we can’t even imagine. Their color discernment goes well beyond our rainbow color spectrum, writes Virginia Morell for Nat Geo. Researchers studying wild broad-tailed hummingbirds in Colorado found they could determine spectral-colored feeders from feeders in nonspectral colors. “Seeing them do this right in front of my eyes is one of the most exciting things I’ve ever witnessed,” says Mary Stoddard, a Princeton evolutionary biologist.

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I am so happy to share with you my new article, Color Choices, in the July 2020 issue of Art Journaling Magazine! It is always a privilege to be included in such a prestigious art magazine. My article is about how I make watercolor color choices in my travel journals.
Whether painting landscapes, windows with flowers, or just preparing a colorful backdrop for journaling, there are color choices to be made. Color is what initially drew me to watercolor painting. As a novice painter, the excitement I felt for all the lovely bright juicy colors when putting watercolor on paper led me to use every single pigment on my palette in all my paintings. Unfortunately, my attempts ended in a big, ugly, muddy mess. This was the beginning of my lifelong quest to learn everything I could about color and how to make certain combinations to create beauty instead of dreadfulness. I learned many secrets of mixing color by studying how to use the color wheel and by producing oodles of color studies. This article shares with you some thoughts on how to successfully create colorful, vibrant paintings and art.

Color Choices
Color Choices for Art Journaling Magazine by Stampington and Company
Watch for the release of Art Journaling Magazine Summer Issue 2020 available July 1, 2020!
International Nature Journaling Week is coming up!

International Nature Journaling Week is coming up!

Welcome to International Nature Journaling week

(1-7th June 2020)

I just learned about this wonderful upcoming event and wanted to share it with you all. During this week we will come together as a world-wide community to celebrate and document the beauty and diversity of the natural world. 

“Nature journaling allows us to open ourselves to wonder and explore with joy.”

Each day during International Nature Journaling Week will be focused on a different aspect of nature, which will be a starting place for our journal pages for that day. You can access the themes for each day through the Program page or in the list below:








Inspiration from Nature

Inspiration from Nature

Traveling is a great way to inspire ideas for paintings in an art journal. I am fortunate to be in the colorful, sunny land of Baja, California, Mexico for a few days. My focus has been bird watching every morning – early before it gets too hot and the birds are still active. Inspiration from nature is a great way to add to my journal.

My brother shared with me an app called ebird which has been very helpful to keep track of all the beautiful birds I have been seeing here. In the afternoons, I am enjoying relaxing by the pool and painting in my journal. The birds are colorful fun to watch. Here are a few photos that I took over the last few days. Insiration from Nature…..

Inspiration from Nature

Monochromatic Pen, Ink, and Watercolor Washes

Monochromatic Pen, Ink, and Watercolor Washes

It is fun to add pen, ink, and watercolor washes to create monochromatic pen and ink paintings to your art journals. These are easy to do and are a great way to make little paintings in your journal to record your travels. I am currently teaching a series of classes in my Tumalo Studio in Oregon. The weather has turned quickly into a feel of winter, so what a great way to bring in the new season than to do some sketches and monochromatic washes.
The focus of this series of classes is incorporating pen, ink, and watercolor. Here is an example of one of our lessons. I started with a photograph I took of a quaint village in the south of France – the Dordogne area.

I did a contour drawing of the parts of the photo that I wanted to include. Then I used this as a reference and transferred it to my watercolor art journal. I drew it with a permanent pen. I added watercolor washes of Quinacridone Burnt Orange and Aussie Red-Gold, both by Daniel Smith. Where needed, I added more pen and ink lines after the painting was dry.

add pen ink to monochromatic watercolor washes

New Watercolor Find!

New Watercolor Find!

I am excited to share with you a new watercolor find! It is a tiny paint palette. I don’t know how this guy does it, but he creates a 3D print out of a tiny watercolor palette that fits in a tin the size of the Altoid tins. It is a single piece so all those annoying things that happened with the loose half pans are no longer a problem. One of the big issues was that some of the pans would fall out. People tried sticky tape, magnets, and/or hot glue. With this design, this problem has been solved!

If you like to travel light and take along a watercolor palette, then you may want to get one of these for yourself! I contacted him on Facebook. He was very responsive and quick. I ordered 2 and paid him $30 through PayPal – that included the shipping for 2 of these neat little palettes. They are made of a very sturdy plastic-type material. And honestly, it is amazing that he can “print” these out!

If you are interested, contact Steve at his facebook marketplace:

If you would like to see other reviews that I did on watercolor paint palettes, check out my previous blog posts:

Art & Soul, Portland, 2019

Art & Soul, Portland, 2019

I always enjoy preparing for the workshops that I teach at Art & Soul, Portland, 2019! This year I am offering some brand new classes. On Tuesday, March 12, 2019, I am teaching a watercolor workshop called The Painted Garden. We will be painting some gorgeous flowers! These are fun, loose, and colorful. I often turn some of these little gems into cards that are for sale at the Red Chair Gallery in Bend, Oregon.

I enjoy sharing my passion for painting and watercolor painting and mixed-media art journaling by teaching in her Art in My Heart private studio, the Art & Soul Retreats in Portland, Oregon, France, and Italy.  My next overseas workshop is with French Escapade in Provence, France, May 2019. There are just a couple spots left in this workshop!

My paintings and mixed-media art journals have been featured in magazines and books such as Somerset Studio’s Art Journaling, Interweave Press’s Cloth Paper Scissors, Studios, as well as the Cloth, Paper Scissors Book and Splash 17, the Best of Watercolor.


Here is a list of the workshops that I am teaching at the Portland Art & Soul Retreat

Portland 2019 Art & Soul Retreat
The Painted Garden – Tuesday, March 12, 2019
A Naturalist’s Art Journal – Wednesday, March 13, 2019
A Colorful Palette – Thursday, March 14, 2019
Loosen Up Landscapes – Friday, March 15, 2019

Jacqueline is a member of the Watercolor Society of Oregon, and the High Desert Art League. She teaches watercolor workshops locally, nationally as well as leading painting workshops in France and Italy. She has several articles published in the mixed-media magazine, Cloth-Paper-Scissors about creating art while on your journey. Jacqueline has partnered with Daniel Smith Art Supplies to create a watercolor traveling kit. Her self-published book, Watercolor Journeys is a helpful guide for beginning to advanced watercolor enthusiasts and her workshop DVD with Interweave has just been released: Art Journals On-The-Go: How to pack, prep, paint, and more.

Give your love ones a Heart Watercolor Painting

Give your love ones a Heart Watercolor Painting

  • Start with a piece of watercolor paper (I use 140 lb Arches paper) torn to the size you want. 
  • Tape your paper to a workable surface around each edge using a removable painter’s tape.  
  • Paint a colorful watercolor wash and let this dry.  I used new Gamboge, permanent rose, permanent magenta and cerulean blue.
  • With a pencil, draw some heart shapes, some large, some small.  Overlap some hearts.  Negative paint around each heart.  This means you paint the background around the hearts, creating heart shapes in your painting.  Let this dry.
  • Draw a few more hearts and negative paint again around all the hearts.  You can negative paint these hearts several times to make a rich, glowing background.  Painting over your last layer is called watercolor glazing.
    Glazing and negative painting

Here are some fun ideas for Valentine’s Day Love!

  • Now decorate the hearts in fun ways: polka dots, checks, stripes.  You can either use watercolor or colored pens and markers or a mix of both!  Have fun, doodle, think of your loved one.  Here is your opportunity to put a smile on their face!  PUT A BIRD ON IT!
  • With an ink pen, draw around your hearts and outline the tape before pulling it off the edges.