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Watercolor Sketchbook

Watercolor Sketchbook

These small, quick sketches of European village scenes are fun and easy to do. I try to make them simple. They are a great way to try out different colors and values. And of course, I can always use drawing practice. Perspective is important in these little sketches so think about the angles of the doors and windows. Make the doors and the windows in the foreground bigger than in the background.

Village Scene

Start with a simple pencil drawing. Add a colorful watercolor wash over the buildings. When this is dry, start adding layers of color to get a variety of values.

Pen and Ink Village Sketch

I will often add pen and ink to my village sketches.

Village Sketch

An Eye and Feather of a Great Horned Owl

An Eye and Feather of a Great Horned Owl

As I am getting ready for the ART & SOUL ART RETREAT, in Portland, Oregon. I am enjoying painting in my nature journal. Here is an example of one of the pages we will be doing in the Naturalist’s Art Journal workshop on Wednesday, June 23, 2021.

Watercolor Art Journal page of Great Horned Owl.

This page in my watercolor journal was inspired by a birding trip that I did with a few friends to a wildlife preserve in eastern Oregon, Summer Lake. At one of the picnic areas, we found a family of Great-Horned Owls. There were two juveniles and two parents. As I took pictures, the mom and the babies would turn their heads and look down at me with those great big eyes. It was fun to try to paint an eye.

Great Horned young babies with parent at Summer Lake

We will be following indoor space COVID best practices guidelines.