Surprises along the way

Surprises along the way

Enjoying the view with a cup of Cortadito

We are traveling from Oregon to St. Thomas for a wedding and after 16 hours and 3 plane rides later, we were hoping for a good cup of coffee as we waited for our last flight out of the Miami airport.  Our layover was 3 hours.  I approached a perky looking petite woman holding an very official clipboard, dressed in a red skirted American Airlines suit and seemed open for questions.  “Is there a Starbucks nearby?”  “Just 10 minutes by the sky train,” she said.  She had a beautiful Italian accent and we struck up a friendly conversation when she offered that her favorite coffee is Cuban coffee and available just around the corner!  I was up to try something new and so was David.  “You have to go past the sit-down area and go to the coffee stand-up bar and ask for Cortadito“.  Which we did and absolutely loved our tiny cup of cortadito that we ended up having 2!  We also enjoyed Cuban pastries, savory and sweet.

Ladies at the coffee bar making Cortaditos

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  1. I love the story of the Cuban coffee. My husband and I worked in Miami for a year. When he would pick me up from work on Fridays, he would be all hyped up … because the psychology interns all went out for Cuban food for lunch and Cafe Cubano!

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