Little Color Studies

Little Color Studies

I have been finalizing my palette colors for my trip to Provence, France.  I thought I would use my color wheel and do some quick, small color studies to see if I am loving the watercolors on my travel palette.  Here are two that I worked on today.

I have to record the colors that I use because I will forget what they were.  This is a good way to make a record of your favorite color combination.  Why not start a little notebook to keep your studies in.

8 thoughts on “Little Color Studies

  1. I've been working on my palette too, but my big, studio palette. I let my travel palette be dictated by the company that made it (W&N), though I didn't put in the Chinese White gouache that came with the set. I replaced it with some Daniel Smith Payne's Grey, which I think is just indispensable. Next up is replacing one of the yellows. I think they are too similar. I might replace them both.

    So you didn't say what your colors were. I really admire your style and your palette. If I had the cash and the knees to travel in Europe, I'd be signing up for Provence!

  2. Thank you Laure! I love doing little color studies.
    Wabbit, how funny – I never use Payne's gray. I think it is the name lol. Here are my colors that I used: the first one was a mix of Phthlo Turquoise, Cerulean, Winsor Red, Cadmium Scarlet, Permanent Orange and Nickel Azo Yellow. The second study was Cobalt Blue Violet, Cobalt, Phthalo Blue, Permanent Rose, New Gamboge and Rich Green Gold. Thanks for asking!

  3. These are beautifully full of wonderful color. So far I use the palette that Laure has listed for her Imaginary Trips and like it enough that I am not exploring other colors much. For now, it lets me practice painting skills. Later I can spread out to more colors. I like how your pictures turned out so perhaps I should list the colors in a "try this" list for that time.

  4. Thank you Freebird! The different colors out there available for us to buy is overwhelming. Many are so close that you can't tell the difference. A limited palette certain has some good qualities!

  5. What a wonderful area to paint. We leave next week for six weeks outside of Uzes. You could spend your entire trip in that area and your color palette would still have new colors to use. Enjoy every minute. I can't wait to see your pictures.

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