The Fun Continues

The Fun Continues

Helen and I continue our journey to Sarlat, beautifully well preserved medieval town in the southwest of France.  It is an area rich with history and delicious food.  Think fois gras! (more about this in my next blog post) Since it started to rain, we found a comfortable cafe and painted in our journals and made some postcards to send to family and friends back home.  Here is the view from our cozy cafe:

Here is the postcard I painted while enjoying a warm cup of French coffee:
If you would like to join me on a painting holiday, please check out my upcoming trip to Orvieto, Italy!

One thought on “The Fun Continues

  1. What a wonderful memory preserved in your journal. What about the bartender who wasn't allowed to smoke so he went down the circular steps where his smoke wafted right up to us. Busted, Monsieur!

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