Finding Inspiration to Paint, Part 4

Finding Inspiration to Paint, Part 4

Here is another idea to get you going…. watch a YouTube video.  There are lots of free ones by lots of artists.  I have to tell you though, some of them are really boring and the end result is not what I aspire to.  So what I do is to fast forward to see the final painting and then invest the time to watch the video if I think the painting is good.  Here are a couple of YouTube videos that are demos of how to paint…

Fast video of how I paint a field of flowers:


How to paint palm trees

Here is one where I show what supplies are needed to get started with watercolor painting.
If you find a video you like, look to the right side of the YouTube page and you will see recommendations of other similar videos to watch.  Warning!  Watch a couple then go paint!  I know that I could spend all day watching other people paint but this is to inspire you to paint!

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