Playing with my Muse and Color

Playing with my Muse and Color

Introducing Pixie Star!  She showed up to help me along in my creative endeavors….

 Pixie Star loves being surrounded by color!

Pixee Star and I have been playing around with my color palette.  Those of you who know me, know that I am obsessed with color and watercolor is my favorite medium.  In preparing for my All About Color class that I am teaching in my Bend, Oregon Studio, I took a closer look at the yellows on my palette.  My goal was to have the warmest yellow and the coolest yellow available.  I am happy to announce that I found a cooler yellow than I already had!  It is the Daniel Smith Lemon Yellow.  It is bright, fresh, and semi-transparent.  Next I will try using it in triad and tetrad mixes.  If I come up with something great, I will let you know!
Here are some photos from my Color Class.  There is some serious color study going on!

2 thoughts on “Playing with my Muse and Color

  1. I love this J…you know you transfer this love to your students immediately and I would still rather play with my paltette than paint a barn…That UK flag on your side bar is me… I am in London for 3 weeks and spent the day with Lynne Seaman out in Dulwich Tuesday. I met her through your online class and we have been back and forth a few times. I will try to post a colorful little watercolor book she did that is very much in tune with what we have learned from you in your color classes. Always enjoy your posts. I have my tiny watercolor journal kit packed in my train bag as I go off by myself over here next Monday for 10 days… also a few pages of your book for reminders! Thank you!
    dont' say a way to post a picture but may put it on the FB pages..

  2. Hi Pat, I don't know if you will see this message but I really appreciate hearing from you and glad that you still read my blog! I love hearing that you are still painting and enjoying it. Thanks for the update! Jacqueline

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