Painting in our Watercolor Art Journals

Painting in our Watercolor Art Journals

We had a lot of fun spending time painting in our watercolor art journals while in Orvieto, Italy.  We painted scenes from the beautiful convent gardens and palace where we stayed, as well as the nooks and quaint corners of the town itself.  One day we went wine tasting at a vineyard that had a gorgeous view of Orvieto.  There were white roses blooming everywhere!  This was a beautiful, relaxing day of painting as well!





Art journaling to me is not so much about making art but recording my life in a colorful way.  My journals are a place where I can experiment with different art mediums, sort things out, write about my life, my sorrows, my adventures and travels.  I play with color, sketch, doodle, take notes, make lists, add inspiring quotes and write about my day.  The process is fun, and I love when the result surprises me.  I have written articles for Cloth Paper Scissor and the Art Journaling magazines about using watercolor and mixed-media together.

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