More from My Italian Watercolor and Art Journal

More from My Italian Watercolor and Art Journal

Painting in my Italian watercolor and art journal

Sometimes it is not so easy to sit, relax, and paint while on vacation.  That is why if you like to paint on location, it is best to go with like-minded artists.  I did most of the painting in my Italian watercolor and art journal while teaching in Italy.  We had so much fun exploring the quaint, historic, and charming villages of Umbria and Tuscany.  I did manage to paint a few more pages in my journal after the class as well.  But it was easier to do while in the workshop.  I wanted to share with you more of the pages from the art class.

Artist Jacqueline Newbold enjoys painting life in color!

Her color-filled watercolor paintings capture a moment in time – sunlight on red poppies, the glow of a Tuscan village perched on a mountaintop, or the brilliance of a dramatic Oregon Cascade Mountain sunset.  Jacqueline loves to share her passion for watercolor painting and mixed-media art journaling by teaching in her Art in My Heart private studio, the Art Unraveled Art Retreats in Phoenix, the Art & Soul Retreats in Portland, Oregon, France, and Italy.  She teaches private watercolor lessons, classes and workshops in her private art studio in Bend, Oregon.

My next teaching trip is to Provence, France, May 2019.  You can find out more information about the trip with French Escapade.  Join me for a fun time!! You will be able to create a journal just like my Italian watercolor and art journal!

“Art journaling to me is not so much about making art but recording my life in a colorful way.  My journals are a place where I can experiment with different art mediums, sort things out, write about my life, my sorrows, my adventures, and travels.  I play with color, sketch, doodle, take notes, make lists, add inspiring quotes and write about my day.  The process is fun, and I love when the result surprises me.”

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